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About SSM BizTrust

About SSM BizTrust

What is SSM BizTrust?

SSM BizTrust is a standard that can be obtained by online business entities via SSM, which certifies that the entity has complied with the characteristics of the trust principles and criteria that has been established including business registration, online security and protection of information.

What is the role of SSM in BizTrust?

In Malaysia, the online business industry is rapidly growing and the government has been promoting online business aggressively. SSM BizTrust enables Malaysia online business entities to capitalize on the rapidly growing industry. SSM BizTrust is a means to improve the acceptance of online businesses through bolstering customer and consumer confidence.

Why entities such as a company, businesses or LLP need BizTrust?

  • Each entity, including companies, businesses or partnership carrying out business online, need to showcase trustworthiness to the consumers that it has fulfilled the characteristics of ethical business conduct
  • SSM BizTrust serve as a symbol that the online business entities that have met the policies that have been set. Furthermore, customers or users will be more confident with the business and would not hesitate to conduct business with SSM BizTrust accredited entities

Overview of BizTrust Services

BizTrust for Online Traders

The BizTrust for Online Traders program was developed to increase consumer confidence in the Internet as a vehicle for conducting e-commerce and to increase consumer confidence in the conduct of online purchases. This program is developed by SSM under the aegis of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism. Online traders, who are specifically licensed by SSM can provide assurance services to evaluate and test whether the services provided by a particular online trader meet these principles and criteria. The posting of the BizTrust Seal of assurance is a symbolic representation of a online trader’s compliance to the principles and criteria. This seal, when provided, is displayed on the online trader’s website and linked to SSM’s report and other relevant information. 

Main Components of BizTrust Services

What is BizTrust?

  • Principles and Criteria is one of the critical components of SSM BizTrust. It dictates the overarching operation of SSM BizTrust and also act as the main guiding rule for SSM BizTrust.
  • The Principles and Criteria consist of two major elements:
    • Registration Principle
    • Trust Principle, which consists of Security and Privacy Principles.

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